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Carpet Cleaning in Issaquah

Carpets are prone to getting dirty and stained due to heavy foot traffic and microscopic debris that accumulate over time. Although daily and weekly carpet cleaning is a part of your routine, a specialist cleaning service after a certain time is vital to maintain their fresh appearance.
Hunters Extreme Cleaning Services offers professional carpet cleaning in Issaquah to help you save on replacement costs. We revitalize the carpets to maintain a healthier environment at your property and add a welcoming appeal for guests. Our experienced specialists undertake top-notch cleaning techniques to maintain the carpet's integrity and enhance its longevity.
We ensure to provide services with the utmost professionalism, following all local and national regulations concerning eco-friendly cleaning solutions and efficient waste disposal.

Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Anti-Microbial Cleaning

Ourlicensed carpet cleaners provide efficient cleaning solutions, deep cleaningthe carpets to remove allergens, mold, mildew, and pollens. Our anti-microbialcarpet cleaning technique eliminates every kind of contaminant from yourcarpets, preventing the risk of sickness for sensitive individuals.

Dry Cleaning

‍Ourqualified experts use a dry cleaning technique involving heat and carbonation.Microscopic bubbles help loosen dirt and tough stains and bring them to thesurface, where they can be easily extracted through suction. This techniqueuses less water and also dries carpets quickly.

Steam Cleaning

Our registered and certified professionals use boiling water in this technique to trap all the accumulated dirt and debris present deep in the carpet fibers. We use state-of-the-art machines and equipment that maintain a constant temperature for water throughout the process and agitate carpet fibers to loosen the trapped debris.
During steam cleaning, the power of hot steam is combined with cleaning chemicals to enhance the cleaning potential, helping restore your carpet's new look. Once the carpets are cleaned, we rinse them with clean water to ensure all the dirt and cleaning solution residues are washed away. After that, the remaining dirt and water are extracted with the help of a machine, ensuring no residues are left behind.

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Our company offers same-day carpet cleaning and emergency cleaning solutions via local professionals at cost-effective rates. We ensure to clean your carpets thoroughly, making every fiber look as good as new. Using specialized techniques and equipment, we can easily remove the accumulated debris and hard stains from the carpets.
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