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House Cleaning Services in Puyallup

Everyone wants a clean home. But keeping it clean can be a nightmare, especially if you are frequently out and about or have toddlers at home. Taking assistance in cleaning your home is more beneficial than you think!
At Hunters Extreme Cleaning Services, we understand that your house is your comfortable space, and we want to make it as clean as possible! We have experienced home cleaners who have been helping thousands of people achieve the cleanest and healthiest home!
We understand that allowing someone to enter your space is hard and may make you feel vulnerable. But no worries! Our company is registered and licensed to assure you are in safe hands.
Whether you are at home or not, our qualified specialists strictly follow the guidelines and clean the space in the most efficient and quickest way possible while ensuring your privacy. We are those affordable house cleaners you have been looking for!

Explore Our World Class Services!

Our cleaning agency is known to be customer-centric, offering diverse services. We understand that every family has different requirements and budgets, which is why we offer bespoke solutions to cater to all your needs without letting you break the bank.

Our wide range of services include:

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Why Entrust Us with Your Home?

  • Safe and affordable.
  • Saves you time.
  • Ensures peace of mind.
  • Offers bespoke solutions.
  • Improves indoor air quality.
  • Spares you time for self-care.
  • Ensures prolonged cleanliness.
  • Promotes a safer environment at home.
  • Highly recommended if you have toddlers to ensure everything is sanitized properly.

Why Hiring a House Cleaning Service Is a Great Idea!

  • We are affordable and detail-oriented.
  • We are registered and licensed.
  • We are customer enteric, hence always prioritizing your needs!
  • We offer bespoke solutions, employing top-quality products for cleaning.
  • Our experts are certified professionals with excellent project management skills.
  • We have state-of-the-art cleaning equipment that brings excellent finished results.
House Cleaning Services in Lakewood WA
Client Satisfaction
Homes Revitalized
Work Gurantee

Our Simple 3-C Process

We are reliable housekeeping contractors that ensure ease at every step. Our easy procedure includes the following steps:
Connect: Fill out our form or call us to connect and get a quote.
Commit: On confirmation, schedule a suitable date and time.
Clean: Our cleaners do all the cleaning while you relax!


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